Plays & Playwrights 2012

“Man är väl fri” by Mirja Unge

A high school class is on its way to Sigmaringen, Germany to “get to know one another” and to “see a bit of Germany”. Dramas both large and small are enacted in four sleeping compartments as the train speeds towards its destination. There’s Danni, not welcome among the girls or totally at home among the boys and Elina who suspects she might have gotten pregnant with the class tough boy, Oskar. Simon and Axel, uncomfortable sharing a compartment with the unpredictable Oskar, look for new digs. Elina’s crew, consisting of Laura and Alva join Elina in bullying Danni, who dresses like a boy. Good girl Vera shares a compartment with angst ridden Nellie whose relationship with their young and newly divorced teacher, Thomas, knows no bounds. A challenging drama about knowing ones self and trusting in others. (11 roles)

An English translation of this play is available. Contact Edward Bromberg; if you would like to read it.

Mirja Unge is a novelist and the author of several critically acclaimed plays for Riksteatern and for Göteborg Stadsteater. She won the Alfhild Prize for woman dramatists in 2008.

“Allt som lever här dör” by Emma Broström

The airport is closed, not even a bird has been spotted for years, the school is boarded up and water is scarce. Just outside the town limits graves are being dug. Not one or two, but rows of them.  An odd gravedigger called The Moth offers Lee and Sam a tank of petrol if the help to dig. Just like Billy, their friend, they are desperate to leave. A former classmate is – the one whose name nobody remembers – stalks the woods surrounding the graveyard.  Connected somehow to catastrophic events within the community she is shunned by all. The youth dig and as they dig they speculate on the identity of a dismembered body found below the railroad bridge. Along with their thirst their desperation grows. A dystopian drama. (6 roles)

Emma Broström is a whirlwind with work playing across most of Sweden. She has written a number of plays for children and youth but also for adult audiences. She is widely known for her adaptations from literature, among others Åsa Lindeborg’s Mig äger ingen och Katarina Taikon’s Katizi.

“A Vampire Story” by Moira Buffini

Two orphaned sisters move to a small town in rural England. Claire gets a job in a pub and Eleanor enrolls in the local high school. Again. Her main subject is Drama and her teacher is called Mint. Four nonchalant losers make up the rest of the class along with another new kid, Franklin Stein. When, during her first drama lesson, Ella decides to tell the truth, we learn that Ella’s sister is in reality her mother, an undead prostitute born in the end of the eighteenth century. Reality? It becomes harder and harder to determine what is real and what is fantasy in the plays wild throws between Victorian costume play and modern comedy.  A real challenge for a hungry ensemble. (19 roles)

Moira Buffini is playwright in residence at The National Theatre Studio and the winner of many awards for her plays and film scripts. She is a fan of large, theatrical, fantastical plays and one of the founders of the British dramatist network The Monsterists. Moira also acts and directs. A Vampire Story was a National Theatre commission for their Connections 2008.

“En dag kommer de tystna” by Dennis Magnusson

Nils and Mikael journey to a small rural college where they will celebrate New Years’ with Nils’ girlfriend, Anna. Anna hasn’t answered a single letter, phone call, or email for months and Nils is worried that something might have happened to her. Upon arrival their worst fears are realized. Anna has been inducted into a radical sect led by the furious Mara. She is completely transformed. What are these girls learning at college? And what’s the real purpose behind this New Years Eve party? Nothing is what it seems to be as the party turns to terror and a mad struggle for survival ensues. (10 roles)

Dennnis Magnusson is a successful playwright for all ages with productions at Uppsala Stadsteater, Malmö Stadsteater and Backateatern. Recent productions include his acclaimed 7:3 återbesöket.

“Bye Bye Baby” by Åsa Lindholm

Kåsse is paralyzed by questions concerning life, death, the universe and the meaning of life. Sami is losing his ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality and wonders if there really is a difference between the two. Johanna’s life has been taken over by jealous fantasies since she read a chat between her boyfriend and another girl. Lina is lost in an infatuation with a megastar she has never met. The lives of a group of young people are inexorably tied in this funny and fast moving play. Every one of them is wondering the same thing – what is real and who decides? Who am I in the scheme of the universe? And does it all come down to Facebook?! Or anyway – the internet. (11 roles)

Åsa Lindholm is a playwright and dramaturge. She wrote all the plays for the opening season of Stockholm Stadsteatern’s youth stage in Skärholmen. She has also written several works for Ungscen/öst. Her play Om flickor kunde döda (If Girls Could Kill) was the Swedish nominee for The Nordic Playwrights Award.

“Det som en gång var fet jävla äng” by Stefan Lindberg

It’s a school outing in a national forest during the last days of high school. Lennartsson, their teacher, drags his students out in to the woods in what is in part a botany lesson and in part a survival hike. Divided into small groups and supplied with map and compass, they are all quickly lost in the woods, and lost also in a wider sense. Hampus, in love with Lyra, pretends to be gay in order to hang out with her. Katt desperately defends her new boyfriend with the dodgy reputation, until she discovers that he really is more interested in her best  friend. Ciss and Frida seem destined to remain airheads and Patrick and Kristoffer try to ritually invoke the Satan’s angel of destruction. The teacher suffers panic attacks when his young assistant fresh from teacher’s college tries to push their relationship to the next level.  And who is that strange hooded figure who keeps hopping out of the bushes? It’s a Shakespearian forest in which characters loose themselves to find themselves anew, and a bright and fast paced comedy. (11 roles)

Stefan Lindberg is a playwright and writer of short stories and novels. He was playwright in residence at Ungscen/öst, a major venue for new young drama in Linköping, and his plays have been produced by several other Swedish theaters.